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The Affordable Care Act now requires that health insurance companies provide just as much coverage for addiction and mental health treatment as they do for physical ailments. This means that you can use your health insurance to pay for rehab. This also means that you’ll need insurance verification.

The exact amount of health insurance coverage that you’ll receive for addiction treatment will depend on your individual health insurance plan. There are various types of health insurance plans. This article will go over all the things you need to know about health insurance coverage for rehab.

Types of Health Insurance Plans

The amount of coverage that you receive for addiction treatment can vary greatly depending on the type of health insurance plan that you have. That’s why it’s important to verify insurance coverage for substance use and mental health treatment. Some common types of health insurance plans are described below.

Group Insurance Plans

Group insurance plans are insurance plans that members of particular groups receive. For example, a place of employment holds a group of people that can benefit from a group insurance plan. When a group insurance plan is provided through an employer, the employer will usually pay for part (if not all) of the insurance plan.

Technically, not all group insurance plans cover the cost of addiction treatment though. This is because group insurance plans that are carried by larger insurance carriers and covered by larger employers vary and get more flexibility on the type and amount of coverage that they provide. Still, most group insurance plans provide coverage for addiction and mental health treatment regardless of their insurance carriers or the employers that they provide insurance for.

Private Insurance Plans

Private insurance plans are insurance plans that people get independently as opposed to from an employer. This form of insurance plan tends to have high out-of-pocket premiums.

With private insurance plans, individuals can choose the level of coverage that they want based on what they’re willing to pay.

Types of Group or Private Insurance Plans

Most public and private insurance plans fall under one of the following categories: HMO plans, PPO plans, or Point-of-Service plans.

HMO Plans

HMO stands for Health Maintenance Organization plans. HMOs are specific plans that require that members attend rehab at specific in-network rehab facilities.

PPO Plans

PPO plans stand for Preferred Provider Organization plans. These plans allow members to receive treatment at in-network or out-of-network providers. They just offer way more coverage to members who receive treatment at in-network providers.

Point-of-Service Plans

Point-of-Service plans allow members to choose between various HMO and PPO plans.

Verify Insurance for Addiction Treatment At Grace Land Recovery Center

It’s important to know how to verify your insurance coverage prior to attending addiction treatment. That way you’ll know exactly how much you’ll need to pay out-of-pocket for addiction treatment.

Here at Grace Land Recovery Center, verifying your insurance is made easy. This is because we currently accept all forms of private insurance. To learn more about our addiction rehab facility and the types of insurance that we accept coverage from as we continue to grow and expand, contact us over the phone or by e-mail.

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