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In 2019, Shelby County Tennessee reported as many as 268 individuals that had lost their lives due to substance abuse. This is unfortunate due to the fact that Shelby County is home to a number of cities in Tennessee, including Bartlett Tennessee. Because substance abuse has become an issue in Bartlett Tennessee and its surrounding areas, it’s important for there to be a quality Tennessee rehab center nearby. Luckily, Grace Land Recovery Center is also located in Shelby County and is only around a 20-minute drive away from Bartlett Tennessee. 

Why Grace Land Recovery Is a Great Tennessee Rehab Center for Bartlett Tennessee Residents

Only halfway through 2020, 50 lives were lost before the first 6 months amidst the pandemic, in Shelby County alone. Although Tennessee had seen some improvement by early 2021 with 10% fewer overdoses, the cause for concern remains.

Within the state, opioids continue to riddle the communities at alarming rates, reflecting increased crime and hospital-reported overdoses. As so few take advantage of Tennessee rehab center resources available to them, the numbers are generally predicted to rise. That’s why it’s so vital for people with alcohol or drug use problems in Bartlett Tennessee and its surrounding cities in Shelby County to look into attending rehab here at Grace Land Recovery Center.

Grace Land Recovery is a premier, state-of-the-art rehab facility that specializes in treating substance addictions and dual diagnosis disorders. Thus, whether an individual suffers from just an alcohol or drug addiction or both a mental illness and an alcohol or drug addiction, he or she is in great hands here at Grace Land. 

Although sobriety is an individual commitment, our Tennessee rehab center here at Grace Land makes sure to provide each patient with support during every step of the addiction treatment and recovery journey. We do this by continually checking in on our patients and providing them rehab services such as relapse prevention and community housing despite being a rehab center that specializes in outpatient addiction treatment

Addiction treatment patients here at Grace Land Recovery can also build their support network by connecting with our other patients during our group therapy sessions. By offering support from all sides of rehab through group therapy sessions, we here at Grace Land are providing all of our rehab patients with a community of their peers that they can lean on. 

What Rehab Center Option is Best for You?

One benefit of attending rehab at Grace Land Recovery as a Bartlett Tennessee resident is that Grace Land is only around a 20 or so minute drive away. As a rehab center that specializes in outpatient addiction treatment, this is ideal. This is because Grace Land gives its patients that are Bartlett Tennessee residents the opportunity to attend rehab while still being able to live in their homes and tend to their normal, day-to-day responsibilities. 

Living so close to the rehab center that one is receiving addiction treatment at also makes it easy for the family and friends of rehab patients to provide their support throughout the addiction treatment process. While being able to readily go home and receive support from one’s close family and friends during outpatient rehab is great, it’s not necessarily what every rehab patient needs. Some people may need to attend rehab further away from home to get away from the bad influences and substance use temptations in their everyday lives. 

What Rehab Center Option is Not Best For You?

Individuals that can’t manage their addiction triggers in any capacity at home due to family and friends that are bad influences, should attend inpatient rehab. This is because inpatient forms of addiction treatment provide 24/7 care and monitoring to all of its patients. 

Because Grace Land specializes in outpatient addiction treatment, individuals that need 24/7 care and monitoring during rehab should go elsewhere. Grace Land Recovery may also not be the rehab option for you if you’re a Bartlett Tennessee resident that’s looking to try something new and attend outpatient rehab away from home. Just remember though, that if you attend outpatient rehab far away from home, you must find your own place to live during the time period that you’re receiving addiction treatment. 

Paying for a hotel or airbnb during the period of time that you’re attending rehab will be very expensive. This is especially true since you may already have to spend some money to attend rehab in the first place. Thus, we advise that all Bartlett Tennessee residents that are planning to receive outpatient addiction treatment save money and do so at Gace Land Recovery.  

The Opioid Epidemic in Tennessee 

Around the country, the average number of individuals that die daily from opioid abuse is around 115 from 2012 to 2020. Thus, of the estimated 41,975 opioid use deaths, 2,089 occurred within the state of Tennessee in 2019. Despite efforts to suppress the opioid crisis, the threat of drug addiction remains elevated. 

Emergency departments and first responders are fundamentally responsive to assess all drug-related traumas and overdoses, rendering the system exhausted. In 2019 alone, there were 16,670 emergency situations that were caused by opioid overdoses and thus, required hospital interventions. Without professional care, the mortality rate would have increased even more exponentially. Those admitted for further care, added to nondeadly overdose numbers by an additional 7,240. 

In just a year’s time in Tennessee, 25,910 lives were saved from potentially deadly opioid overdoses. These rates alone devastated Bartlett and all of Shellby County Tennessee. Research on the matter shows that there are two predominant factors that contributed to the opioid crisis. The first is the highly addictive probability of these drugs. The other one is how excessively available drugs are.

Opioid Detox in a Tennessee Rehab Center

The highly addictive nature of opioids has largely contributed to the substance abuse issue that’s in and near Bartlett, Tennessee. In fact, many who begin using opioid medications under their doctors’ orders quickly develop a tolerance to them. This sometimes means that such individuals need higher opioid doses to achieve pain relief. Grace Land Recovery is a Tennessee rehab center that offers detox services. 

Detox is typically not offered as a service from hospitals and physicians. This left many individuals physically dependent on drugs, and most often experiencing the return of chronic pain. 

Individuals that abuse high doses of opioids off-label may have a more trying time during withdrawal. This is because the detox process can be extremely uncomfortable, and even dangerous, when done alone. Tennessee rehab center specialists are trained and prepared to administer necessary care to ensure a safe and effective detox. 

Prescription Drugs are Widely Prescribed in Tennessee 

With every year that passes, the number of valid opioid prescriptions increases respectively. It doesn’t help that opioid prices are reasonable, especially with the assistance of insurance coverage. 

In Bartlett Tennessee, the increasing amounts of professionally prescribed drugs and their availability result in chronic addiction. In Shelby County, 2018, there were 515,985 active opioid prescriptions written that year. As for the entire state of Tennessee, the number of opioid prescriptions came in at a whopping 5,029,476 by the end of 2019. That’s more than the entire population of Tennessee in 1975. Still to compare, note that the total number of Tennessee residents in 2019 is roughly 6.82 million. 

Resorting to Alternative Illegal Drugs

What do legally prescribed medications have to do with substance abuse in Bartlett Tennessee? Why would this cause opioid addiction to run rampant? It all comes down to redistribution and illegal sales of drugs to others. Regardless of the amount of legal prescriptions there are, the real issue is who is using them. Then, what happens after dependency is developed. 

Whether out of supplies, in need for higher doses, or for recreational uses, opioids are often flipped to make a profit. It’s confessed that 70% of opioid addicts are initially supplied drugs to abuse by means of close family or friends. This leaves only 17% of opioids being receiving from a valid prescription. This also only leaves 4% of opioids buying from dealers on the street. 

When that option has run its course, the next option is an alternative method, such as heroin. Additionally, between 2018-19, overdoses and deaths caused by abusing fentanyl increased and then surpassed 45%. This stresses the importance of utilizing detox and treatment from Tennessee rehab centers. 

A Tennessee Rehab Center and Its Communities

Alcohol is the most widely abused substance across the country. Not only that, the rates of alcoholism have remained consistent, despite the rise in other substances. Alone, alcoholism damages individuals and their families, while contributing to exceedingly high DUI arrests. 

In 2016, there were more than 26,000 drunk driving arrests. Furthermore, one out of every 20 Tennessee residents suffer from alcoholism. However, it’s with the rise of opioid abuse, that binge drinking and alcohol become even more dangerous among Tennessee’s youth. 

Alcohol significantly increases the dangers of prescription medication abuse when combined with other substances. This is particularly true when discussing experimental binge drinkers. Beginning as young as 14, Tennessee rehab center for young adults warns against both alcohol and drug experimentation, particularly together. 

Mental Illness Treatment at Rehab in Bartlett Tennessee

Many people abuse substances such as opioids to help them manage their stress or relieve themselves of pain. In Tennessee in 2017, there were 6,971,495 active opioid prescriptions at its peak in a single year. Based on the extreme flood of drug availability matched with the increase in substance demand due to dependency, the issue is persistent. 

Individuals suffering from mental illnesses, such as depression or anxiety, might seek relief in prescription medications like opioids and benzodiazepines. With or without a prescription, tolerance is considered a likely risk, and increasing doses often takes place. 

When suffering from mental illness, addiction becomes an uphill battle. When that happens, it’s time to receive addiction treatment at a Tennessee rehab center. 

Dual Diagnosis Treatment at a Bartlett Tennessee Rehab Center

A dual diagnosis is two disorders that occur at the same time. When it comes to substance addiction, these two disorders are usually substance use and mental health disorders. Dual diagnosis requires specialized programs to ensure that one illness does not cause a person to relapse or worsen her condition. 

Tennessee rehab centers have several programs in place to cover multiple mental illnesses and multiple addictions alike. Participating in a program that focuses on the individual’s wellness as a whole lessens the likelihood of relapse. Not to mention being sober while managing mental illness often leads to improving the overall quality of life after treatment. 

Tennessee Rehab Centers Focus On Therapy

Providing individuals with options to help cope with addiction is considered a priority within Tennessee rehab centers. Addiction has a way of damaging many areas of a person’s life though before he or she realizes it. 

Therapy offers multiple approaches to heal on different levels, whether internally or within personal relationships. Different therapy opportunities offered at our Grace Land Tennessee Rehab Center include individual psychotherapy, family therapy, CBT, holistic therapy, and many more. Ultimately, giving yourself the best chance to do well and stay sober after treatment is addiction therapy.

Building Community Rehab Support in Bartlett Tennessee

With the stigma of addiction is at an all-time high, community support can make a huge difference in the quality of life of a person with a substance addiction. Grace Land has programs that offer professional and peer groups of women that are designed to engage and encourage one another when someone needs it the most. 

Addiction doesn’t pick favorites. Thus, anyone can suffer from an addiction. Especially people that are exposed to high-stress professions, first responders, police, and EMT and firefighters. 

The vulnerability of addiction and the need for treatment can deter so many from getting the help that they need. Fortunately, Tennessee rehab centers have a program designed, with discretion and empathy in mind. No matter who you are, there is a place for you at Grace Land Rehab in Tennessee. 

Reinforcing Sobriety With Relapse Prevention

Thanks to fluctuations in numbers reflecting the beneficial impacts of rehab for addiction, it’s safe to conclude that rehab works. However, it’s just as important to ensure that an addict is able to maintain recovery over temporary sobriety before relapse. 

With this in mind, Tennessee Rehab Center recovery courses include an effective aftercare program, aimed at doing just that. In an outpatient setting, individuals in recovery meet regularly as peers. 

The aftercare community is designed to promote relapse prevention skills as individuals long into the future, as well as advertised methods to cope. Ongoing maintenance communities and programs ensure accountability and reinforce treatment efforts while helping others do the same. 

Getting Sober at Rehab in Bartlett Tennessee

In Bartlett Tennessee, substance abuse requires the best efforts to help those struggling with their addictions. Although one’s sobriety is personal, our Tennessee rehab center here at Grace Land works to ensure that you never have to recover from addiction alone. Connect with us for more information on how to get started at a Tennessee Rehab Center today. 

Depending on the addiction, specialists help navigate through treatment program goals and therapy. Using resources to get and stay sober uplifts the community and improves the lives of everyone that patients love. 

Tennessee rehab centers also program design with discretion and empathy in mind. No matter who you are though, there is a place for you at Grace Land Rehab in Tennessee. 

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