Should I Travel For Rehab Or Attend A Local Rehab Center?

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When a person fights addiction and admits that a problem exists, it’s time to take the first step and consider attending rehab. Unfortunately, though, some areas in the U.S. still don’t have a local rehab center. Thus, there may not be any rehab programs in the immediate area. 

If there is a solid local alcohol rehab center available, a person may decide to stick close to home. Regardless, it’s essential to understand the pros and cons of traveling for professional rehabilitation services. That way you can weigh your options and decide whether it is better for you to receive treatment at a local rehab center or not. 

What to Look for in a Local Rehab Center

Surely, the most important thing about choosing a local rehab center is finding a place that specializes in a person’s individual treatment needs. For example, if a person suffers from a substance misuse disorder and a co-occurring mental health condition, it is best to select a local rehab center that offers a successful dual diagnosis program. On the other hand, if a person suffers from alcohol addiction, it is best to opt for a local rehab center that provides alcohol detox and aftercare programs.

Financial Factors Related to Local Rehab Addiction Treatment

It’s essential to check with each potential choice for rehab and to inquire about the insurance that the rehab center that you’re considering choosing accepts. The price of treatment plays an important factor in selecting a place for recovery. Rehabilitation can be expensive, especially if it is paid out-of-pocket. 

In fact, not all insurance providers cover treatment at facilities that are not local. However, if no local rehab center offers valuable treatment, it may be necessary to pay the difference. The National Institute on Drug Abuse has listed a few things that you should check before choosing a rehab facility to receive care at. 

  • The length of the treatment
  • The program’s success rate
  • Variety of patient options, including inpatient treatments, PHPs, outpatient treatments, and aftercare

Benefits of Traveling for Treatment

Although it may be tempting for a person to stay near his or her home for treatment, there are some benefits that come from traveling to a rehab facility.

New Perspective

A change of scenery may alter a person’s mindset. Thus, traveling away from home may beDiverse group of people sitting in circle at a local rehab center the first big step toward recovery. Indeed, accepting help to manage a drug or alcohol use disorder is a huge milestone. This is especially true if this milestone requires you to leave home so that you can get away from temptations and focus on your recovery.

Traveling for rehab also removes some daily stresses from a new addiction treatment patient. Traveling for rehab even often offers a place where a person can relax during treatment. Furthermore, leaving home often helps to jumpstart an individual onto a long-term sober path.

Protects and Maintains Privacy

Although suffering from a substance use problem is common, there is often a stigma attached to addiction treatment. Although there is no reason to feel shame about needing to receive addiction treatment most people that attend rehab want to maintain their privacy.

Certainly, a person will not want his or her co-workers or boss to know about any substance use issues that he or she may be struggling with. In fact, such a person will often not even want close friends to uncover his or her bad substance use habits in fear that it will ruin that person’s reputation. Thus, no matter the local rehab center, all staff is required to protect patient’s privacy. On the other hand, attending rehab far from home lessens the chances of seeing familiar faces.

Minimizes Impulsive Behavior

No two people who are challenged with substance use issues are the same. However, many people who have addictive tendencies behave impulsively. Taking risks and making spur-of-the-moment decisions are classic traits of people who struggle with substance use. 

During treatment, impulsiveness often makes a person want to leave rehab. This is especially true when a therapist pushes a patient to explore uncomfortable issues.

Indeed, therapy brings up difficult emotions, but it is a necessary evil that is involved with healing and recovery. In other words, it is important to remain in treatment. Thus, for many impulsive people to remain in treatment, they need to be away from home, their families, and their friends. 

Minimizes Enabling

In general, friends and family want to help their loved ones that suffer from substance addictions achieve sobriety. However, their behaviors may actually enable the problem. In fact, many people who suffer from an alcohol or drug use disorder develop codependency with others that are bad influences.

For example, a parent may loan money, a friend may offer a place to stay, or a loved one may even tell lies to excuse the past poor behavior of a loved one that suffers from substance addiction. Thus, to truly achieve recovery, some individuals in rehab need to step away from their regular friends and family and do their own thing. 

Offers Time for Self-Reflection

When a person leaves home for treatment, it creates a new chance to focus on what must be done to establish a life of sobriety. In other words, an individual can devote all of his or her time to recovery. There will be little need to worry about family or work. 

Although it may seem selfish to focus all one’s efforts on personal issues, it is crucial for recovery. At a local rehab center, families are often close by. Also, work is nearby. These can be great distractions. Traveling for treatment rids these burdens and allows a person to totally immerse himself or herself in treatment.

Higher Quality of Care

Markedly, there is a multitude of rehab facilities across the country that provide effective programs. However, certain centers specialize in particular issues and offer particular programs that bring a high likelihood of success. Sometimes to attend these particular programs at particular rehab centers, individuals must attend rehab away from home. 

Disadvantages of Traveling for Treatment

Even though there are certain advantages that come with traveling for substance misuse treatment, there are certain disadvantages.

  • Family is Far Away. As previously discussed, separation from family may be good. However, family group therapy sessions help loved ones keep a person on a sober path. Unfortunately, this is not possible when an individual travels for treatment.
  • Challenges with Aftercare. Organizing aftercare is a key part of any recovery plan. However, it may be difficult to set up a plan for aftercare treatments at a rehab center that is far from home. That’s why in certain cases, it’s possible to make arrangements with a local rehab center.
  • Expensive. To repeat, traveling for treatment may be an added expense. Besides things that insurance doesn’t cover, it may be expensive to arrange transportation to the treatment facility’s destination.

Benefits of Choosing a Local Rehab Center

After discussing the benefits of traveling to attend rehab, it’s important to discuss the advantages of choosing a local rehabilitation center.

  • Saves Money. In fact, staying local will save a person from paying for gas, airfare, and a possible hotel stay.
  • Maintains a Support System. By attending a local rehab center program, a person has a support system of family and friends. Indeed, it may also be beneficial to attend family therapy sessions so that everyone learns how to work together and to encourage sober living.
  • Aftercare Plan. Remaining close to home keeps a person familiar with the area. In other words, this makes it easier to create a plan for aftercare.

Disadvantages of Choosing a Local Alcohol Rehab

  • Easy to Quit. Being close to home makes it easy to leave treatment and to head back home when things get too tough.
  • Distractions. Staying local keeps an individual near people and places that are distractions. Also, the stresses of home can cause relapse.
  • Less-Specialized Treatment. If a person’s local community does not contain a rehab facility that offers care that targets an individual’s needs, the rate of success may not be as high as when a person travels for treatment.

Benefits of Traveling to Tennessee for Rehab

Male College Student Meeting With Counselor Discussing Addiction Issues at a Local Rehab Center

Certainly, the state of Tennessee has a multitude of rehab facilities that help treat individuals who are suffering from substance use disorders. In fact, Grace Land Recovery has provided high-quality addiction treatment solutions to numerous clients. Plus, Grace Land is one of the best rehab facilities near Memphis. Thus, Grace Land offers a calm environment to begin recovery. 

Specifically, we here at Grace Land offer programs to patients who are challenged with co-occurring disorders. Not all local rehab centers provide necessary resources to a patient with a dual diagnosis.

More about Grace Land Recovery

Our approach to therapy is holistic so that each person’s problems are addressed on a case-by-case basis. In fact, treating the body, mind, and soul makes a person complete. We here at Grace Land offer inpatient services, PHPs, outpatient services, and community housing. If a person is not from the Memphis, TN area, he or she can rest assured that our local rehab center will help him or her gain a solid foundation for a sober life in the long term. For more information, contact us today.

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